Thursday, July 11, 2013

Spa Time!!

      Do you love facials??? I do!!!! My favorite type of facials are the nourishing/H20 facials! I truly love these facials because they keep my skin nice and hydrated. Since I'm not an avid water drinker like I'm suppose to be, these facials help restore my face leaving a beautiful soft glow! During the summer months, both men and women forget to stay hydrated, which can cause your skin to become a victim to breakouts, becoming too dry, or a little puffiness under the eye can appear. That is why it's truly important to keep your skin rejuvenated!
   For the people that can't go into the spa very often, purchase the spa products (after your facial) so that you can repeat the routine at home! I love products and I love buying spa products that I can travel with!! So take a break and get away, everyone needs some ME time!!!

My favorite spa is at the La Quinta Resort in Palms Springs, Ca! What's yours?