Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Pose for the camera!

      Here is one of my favorite things besides my cell phone, my Polaroid camera! Believe it or not, with every digital camera that I have owned, I have yet to print any pictures off of them. Why? I don't have the time to wait to upload all three thousand something pictures from my camera or phone. As most of you know with a Polaroid you can start building your memories instantly . This Polaroid camera is easy to fit into your bag/purse (if you like carrying big bag/purses) and it doesn't take long for your picture come to life! If you want pictures instantly, you can purchase this camera from Best Buy (online only).
Average Price: $69.99
Flim Price: $10 dollars for a pack, it is 10 prints in a pack. So it's about $1.00 per print. You can also look around for savings on your film via Internet at other stores.