Thursday, August 29, 2013

Not Recommended!!!

   A follower in-boxed me about the Dr.Bronner's Shikaki Soap. Fawn from Elliot Bay, Washington, heres my review!!  I had no clue that Dr. Bronner Shaiki Soap had something for babies!! I have previously used their other soaps and loved the refreshing feeling.Now, according to their website they have a whole list of baby products.However, II have only tried the Hand and body soap for kids and I DO NOT recommend it!! The scent isn't appealing, it looks like brown glue, and not to mention it is NOT TEAR FREE!! Even our little independent children that try to wash their hands by themselves can accidentally get this soap in their eyes and it will hurt!! I DO NOT recommend buying ANY bathing components for your  child/ children that are not TEAR FREE! If you must purchase this, please ensure that your child/children hands/ body is completely rinsed!! I don't like giving bad reviews but I gotta keep it real! 
Yours Truly

Product Thursday!!

  Don't you hate the little spots or pimples that appear on your face and they seem to never go away?? Well try the On-the-spot acne treatment! I swear it works for me and my husband! If you know him, hell tell you himself! I've used it for a pimples that will appear on my face every now and then. It take 2-3 days for results, but it works! I always purchase mine from my favorite store of Tar-J (target) lol for an average price of $5.99. It is also sold in many drugstores! Go get that face eraser!

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Work it out for Work-out Wednesday!!

Time to work it out for Work out Wednesday!!!

    I had a busy day today but I won't let it leave me without a work out! 30 mins on the treadmill, 15 mins on the elliptical, and 15 mins of core!  It will be done!! To loose weight instantly, cardio is always the best way to go, that means go walking, start jogging, ride a bike if you can to get that heart rate going! It works!    If I can't make it to the gym, I will always stop in for a chocolate supreme protein smoothie, it's a healthy way to reduce my appetite while getting all the vitamins that I need.

   Also, if your in the los angeles area check out my good friend and trainer boot camp classes Monday-Thursday at 6 & 7 p.m. (Serious inquiries only)! It's our time now!! Let's get it right for our appearance and most importantly our health!

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Toddler/Baby Tuesday!!

Go Fisher Price!!

       The Laugh & Learn Apptivity case for iPhone, IPod touch, and iPads is a great way to protect you and your child's devices from their lovable drool and harsh throws! The clear film makes it easy to see the games. The handles and rattle beads enhance fine motor skills, and the shiny mirror on the back encourage self discovery, according to the brand and I agree 100%!

   The case is made sturdy enough to protect your electronics, and it is truly grade A! I love it!! My 4 year old, and my 8 month old, drops my phone all the time, and my 4 year old has cracked his iPad twice! Give them this in the backseat or at a restaurant and have a peaceful ride or time! This has amazingly help protect the longevity of my devices! I swear it's awesome for kids!!

Average Price: $16.99-$29.74 depending on the case. You can find this at toys r us, buy buy baby, and amazon!

Monday, August 26, 2013

Make up Mondays!!

Sorry to keep you waiting, but here it is!!!
       Make-up Monday!!! Today I am showing a product that simply amazing for maximum coverage! The brand Make Up Forever is amazing!! It gives the maximum coverage for some of the worst blemishes and acne! Some make-up foundations are thick and pasty, however, this product gives a nice fresh face look! No pasty clown face with this product, lets keep it smooth and fresh. This is available for all skin tones, trust me I checked!!
      While I was browsing the store, I also came across another red lipstick that I adore! It's called "Rouge Artist Intense" that's pictured. Although my first choice is MAC "Ruby Woo" lined with their "Brick" lip liner! I like the way this actual lipstick is made! It's shaped to color the fullness of your lip to the crease, not to mention it keeps my lips moisturized. I hate lipsticks that dry out my lips. It's a perfect choice. This brand is also sold in sephora, but the actual store is amazing! They also specialized in body paints, check them out!!

     Thanx Jon for the amazing service!!! You were all types of amazing and see you soon!!
Average Price: Foundation is $42.00 and the lipstick average price or $20.00.

Thursday, August 22, 2013

Product Thursday!!!!

Today is Product Thursday!!!
        I've been waiting all week to give you coverage on these products by Lush!! This store is sooo amazing!!! This place only sells vegan fresh ingredient body products that actually work!! You know a product is natural when they have expiration dates on their products!! All of their products are made with real ingredients that's why some things need to be refrigerated.

     My favorite things from there are the Ocean Body Scrub, The Body conditioner, and the charity hand and body lotion!! The amazing thing about each of these products are:

Ocean salt- average price-$35.95 is great for a glowing complexion. It eliminates dead skin leaving your skin beautiful to touch!

The Ro's body conditioner-average price is $32.95. Made with vegan products, this Argan oil based body conditioner, leaves your skin softer than it ever was. Just think of the way you condition your hair, why won't you condition your body?Make sure that you apply this at the last step of bathing! Some people don't even apply lotion because it leaves their skin nourished (I still apply lotion)! **Note, Argan oil has been used in morocco to soften the skin for hundreds of years**

The Charity pot hand and body lotion- average price is $22.95. Made with the finest products, this lotion is used to hydrate dry skin. The ingredients also help nourish old stretch marks for less appearance. The best thing about this product is not the product itself, it's that every penny that you pay for this product goes toward grassroots charities. How wonderful!

They also have amazing mask for anti-aging to trouble skin to a chocolate mask for the teenagers! I can go on and on about the products in this store, but it's just too much to type! So go check out Lush now!!! It's the only way to nourish your body!! 

Thank you to the lovely ladies in The Lush store that made my experience incredible, especially Ms.Amy!!

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Work it out Wed!!!

     It's time to work it out with our work out Wednesdays!!!! Being a mom for the second time around is truly amazing!! However, the post baby weight is not!! Every other day, i've been going to my favorite gym of Equinox near my home to get this extra weight off!! I'm back on fitness!! 

   Anyone that knows me, knows that I like to have fun while working out. Therefore,  I've been trying the Zumba classes at my favorite gym!! Zumba fitness makes you break a real sweat!! Why not loose calories doing the things you love to do!! Everything doesn't have to be so serious!!! What's on your fitness calendar??

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Toddler/Baby Tuesday!!!

Hey yallllll (lol)!!!!
      Today is Toddler/Baby Tuesdays!! Every Tuesday, ill give you my advise on toddler or baby products!! I have truly gone through so many products that I can write a hundred reviews on them, however, ill take it Tuesday by Tuesday:)!

      It's a product out called, eczema rescue. This homeopathic lotion is amazing for chapped & cracked skin. Although my son hasn't been diagnosed with eczema, his knees are chapped periodically, and it seems that no lotion or oil can give his knees the moisture that it needs. It just dries right out. This lotion truly does help keep my son knees moisturized.

    The next product is called The Nuroo Pocket! This baby wearing shirt and support belt helps you keep your baby close for comfort. Not to mention, it helps you become flexible around the house while keeping your baby close to your heart! My latest son was eight pounds plus at birth, and he was able to fit into this comfortably! While using this I didn't put too many clothes on him because being so close together increased our body temperature! 

    These two products are amazing, they are a great buy!

    The average price for the eczema lotion is $12.99 at the vitamin shop. However, amazon sells the exact same product $7.98. The Nuroo pocket can be purchased at baby's r us and amazonfor $59.00.


Monday, August 19, 2013

Make-up Monday!!

 Hey Loves,
     Today is our make-up Monday!!! I am about to give you the 100% real on a variety of make up products every monday, right here on my blog!! Be sure to remember that I don't give you a review unless I try the product myself!!

    This past weekend MAC cosmetics released a new product called "The Prep +Prime Beauty Balm"! This is an awesome seller especially if you want a natural look! The compact comes with a sponge, but be careful, it's made for a natural look, and when applied with a sponge it can look a little too thick on your face! Not to mention this beauty balm is made with spf so it protects your skin while looking beautiful.

     Online, they pared the compact with the 191 foundation brush, but in stores they are applying it with the 130 short duo fibre brush. That's the brush I purchased, and it applies the balm soo smoothly and so naturally. My compact color is Dark, what's yours?

     Average price for the BB compact is $30.00? and the brush is $42.00. This line also comes with in a liquid form for $30.00, but I prefer the compact! Get yours today!

   The picture below in the orange shows the product on my face!

Saturday, August 17, 2013

Quality Time...

     When having two kids, it's important to give them each quality time. So with my oldest, I make a huge effort to spend quality time with him doing things so he never feels that I'm paying more attention to the new addition. It's equal love here!

     With that being said, last week my son wanted to make desert for himself and his daddy :)! With assistance by myself, he baked the best brownies in our "Perfect Brownie Pan"! We had a ton of fun mixing and baking together, not to mention our brownies came out in the perfect little squares. If you use the right amount of non-stick cooking spray, it is easy to clean up! We had a ball!! If you truly want the perfect brownie go purchase The Perfect Brownie Pan!

Average Price:19.99 from Target,Walmart sells it for $18.31, and Bed Bath and Beyond sales something similar called Slice Solutions for $19.99, however, if you use their infamous 20% off coupon, you will catch a stellar deal!

Friday, August 16, 2013

New & Pre Owned!

Hey everyone!
     Would you like to own designer items without paying the designer cost?? Well stay tuned because my closet store will be coming soon!! I will be selling new and previously owned accessories, clothing, shoes and purses from my very own closet!! The countdown to great items for a great price will be announced soon!

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Boon Dispensing Spoon

      This dispensing spoon by boon called Squirt, is a great way to feed your baby purée foods. Whether your making the foods yourself or not, this soft spoon helps to dispense food one portion at a time. The one thing that separates this from a spoon tip is that there is no way for the food to get stuck! When I was using the food tips, the food would constantly get stuck leaving me to get a spoon to pour and feed. The Squirt eliminates that! See how it works below!

Averaged cost:$9.99
You can find this online at!

Sunday, August 11, 2013

No fancy names here!!

    When your looking for good cleansers and a face mask you don't always have to go with the fancy names. A lot of "old school" products have been out forever and they have been doing the same thing that these new products are doing! For example, like my grandmother, I love me some Mary Kay. They have been around for ages and their products still provide you with the same satisfaction as it did years ago! Using Mary Kay has helped me keep my skin nourished and flawless! By the way, my grandmother has been using this and her skin is flawless! At 78 she doesn't have one wrinkle on her skin, impressive right?

    Anytime that I'm using a product, I like to take it one step further. First I wash my face with the cleanser (by Mary Kay), then I apply the mask! While applying the cleanser I like to use my wave power cleanser by neutrogena (its more affordable than a $200 sonic brush).Now this wave comes with soap pads that you can use, and you will need them to support your cleanser by Mary Kay! Then I apply my mask and I'm cool! Again not everything with a fancy name works! Try taking it old school with some products! It's definitely worth a try!

    Average price for the cleanser and mask is $14.00. You can purchase this on or you can contact your nearest MaryKay vendor.

     The wave power cleanser by neutrogena average price is $14.99. You can find this at target or walmart! Amazon is also selling it for a dollar less!

Friday, August 9, 2013

Drop with cable drop!

Hello loves!!
     So the other day I was visiting at my friends house, and I see this cable drop!! I asked what it was, and soon after I bought a pack for myself. This is the bomb!! It helps with your cable mess and it is most effective for my cell phone and computer charger! Instead of having my cords overlapped and getting tangled on the side of my bed, this "cable drop" has helped me keep my side of the bed organized!! It has a peel to stick bottom so that it stays in place wherever it's needed. I can't wait to use this on my desk (after I get my desk top fixed!)! Let's stay cord tangled free with this!! 

     This one in particular was purchased from PeachMac! However,you can purchase this from for an average price of $9.95 or purchase this product with another brand from for average low of $.40! Go get one today!!

Sunday, August 4, 2013

Mother of the Bride Pride | Say Yes to the Dress

Hello fellow say yes to the dress fans!! This video of my mother and I is hilarious. My mother and I had an amazing time filming this. I just want to clear my mothers name. When we filmed this episode it was an amazing experience. There were tears of joy, hugs and a lot of laughs. Upon receiving info that my clip was going to air before my wedding day, I had to explain to the fantastic TLC team that I didn't want the dress that I picked to be shown before my wedding day. Therefore clips that tainted my mothers personality a bit was aired. It was really funny to see how TLC was going to pull off not showing me saying yes, before it aired. Nevertheless, they did!! That team is amazing. My family and I had a wonderful experience and I wish I could do it all over again. So try not to be too harsh to my mother. I know this clip doesn't help but she's truly an amazing individual. Keep up with me on Facebook, Twitter, & Insatgram at Everythingmrspennloves!

Last day to save your coins!!

     Today is the last day in the state of Florida to save your "coins"on any item under $75.00 such as clothing, shoes, books, and school supplies. Go take advantage of saving that 6-7% for yourself or for your children!! Every little bit counts, especially before school starts!!!

Saturday, August 3, 2013

Get Ditty with our Ditty Bag!!

     The Ditty bag, also known as the "everything bag" by Vera Bradley, is the best travel, beach, and shower essential!! Lined with plastic on the inside, this bag lets you keep the dampest items dry in style lol! An old friend gave me this a few years back, and it has been my go to when I'm swimming at resorts, lounging at the beach, or simply just taking my son to swim classes! The plastic lining on the inside makes it easy to carry your wet items and it doesn't leave that horrible wet trail! This is a great buy!!

    You can purchase this item on for an average price of $28.00. This product also comes in a variety of colors on and off sale. Go get yours now before summer ends! Another one to add to your must haves!!