Friday, January 31, 2014

Hanging From the Ceiling!!!

Chandeliers went up today!!!! We're almost there!!!! #EverythingMrsPennLoves #March8th #AlmostThere #StartedFromTheBottom #Nowwerehere

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Gro Egg!!!

Gro Egg!!!

     I was so upset that I lost my digital gro egg color changing thermometer!!! This is so useful when helping determine the perfect temperature for your baby/child's room or any room in your home. Gro egg allows your baby to sleep well without tossing and waking up to kick the covers off. This also helps us parents get a little more sleep at night. Changing its colors from blue to red automatically, each color helps to create a safe sleeping environment for your little one/ones!!

Blue:Too cold (under 61 degrees F)

Yellow: Recommended temperature by the company (61-67 degrees F)

Orange: Warm (68-75 degrees F) My preferred temperature 

Red: Too Warm (over 75 degrees F)

I purchased mine from Buy Buy Baby for an average price of $24.99. This product is easy enough to travel with!!! I love it!! #EverythingMrsPennLoves #MrsPennLoves #Products #TheGroCompany


My #WCW is someone who has accomplished so much and has worked so hard for everything that she has. I remember the times we use to sleep in the library while you were burning the midnight oil. Earning not one but two degrees. Being a single mother you did such an amazing job, and set so many memorable examples. You will always be my #1 #WCW forever!!! Love You Forever, Your Baby Girl #EverythingMrsPennLoves #MommysGirl #Mommyismyrolemodel #LoveHerFlaws&All #MySupportTeam #MySuperWoman #MyWCW

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Only 4 More Days!!!

   Only 4 more days until your able to purchase "My Face" from "The Many Adventures of Donald"!!! Are you ready??? Purchase Feb1st at!!! The wait is almost over!!!!

Monday, January 27, 2014

A Little TLC!!

Floors Are Being Installed!!!                                
We are almost there!!!!! 
This place needed a whole lot if TLC!!! When I first saw it, it was ram shacked, nasty, and old but I saw something in this place that I wanted. I had a vision, and with a little sprinkle dust & hard work, it's almost complete!! Can't wait to get my fixtures and install my chandeliers!!! Were almost there!!!! #EverythingMrsPennLoves #March8th #SprinkleDust #HardWork #Happy!!! 

Say My Name!!

Hustle Hard Till They Know My Name!!! #EverythingMrsPennLoves #MrsPenn #Reposted #MorningMonday

Saturday, January 25, 2014

Stop the Press....Look at this dress!!!!

This is FABULOUS!!!!!!!!!!! I don't  care how Risqué this dress is. This is SEXY!!!! @joannakrupa has the perfect body for a dress like this!!! She worked it!!! @mtcostello @michaelcostello31 did a beautiful job designing this!!!! #CanIHaveThisBodyInAnotherLifeTime #beautifulgown #MAJORREPOST #Werk #QualityMade #PerfectBody #Sexy #Sexy #everythingmrspennloves #MrsPennFavPics&Picks

Movie Time!!!

Can you please move your little head... Others are trying to watch please...#hometheater #hesallupintheway #alltheseseats&wesittintheclosest #smh #babyrules #herunsme #EverythingMrsPennLoves #1Sleep1More2Go 

Beautiful Gown!!!

How beautiful is this gown by @michaelcostello31 ??? I swear he gets it!!! #EverythingMrsPennLoves #MrsPennFavPics&Picks


You can have some fun with these cute booties!!!


Heres a little something for the girls!! Of course I'm not showing all of my items, however here's a sneak peak into the styles that will be carried at the EverythingMrsPennLoveStore opening March8th!! We will be carrying girls & boys clothing and some women items!!! Shop soon @EverythingMrsPennLoves!!


Here's a few pieces that I will be carrying for the fall 2014 collection!! Having two boys of my own, you know I always have to make sure the boys are taking care of ;)!


Today I was working hard for over 4 hours on 3 lines!! I went super hard in the paint!! I guess I'm just a perfectionist!! #Exhausted #Styles #VersaceKids #Scotch #Chole #March8 #EverythingMrsPennLoves

A little purse doesn't hurt!!

    This little purse is soooo cute!! Isn't it amazing???? #EverythingMrsPennLoves #March8th #Encino #Baby #Kids #Women

The bigger picture!

 Working on the master plan!!! #EverythingMrsPennLoves #Store #March8th  

Friday, January 24, 2014


Because sometimes you just have to!❤️

8 More Days!!!!!

   Mark it in your calendar to go online and purchase the first book from the series, "The Many Adventures of Donald" titled "My Face" on Feburary 1st!!! The premise of this book is to encourage children to see love not color between friends!! I cannot wait for you guys to take this journey with us while looking through the lens of my son!! I hope you enjoy it!!! The wait is almost over!!! 


Thursday, January 23, 2014

Someone else loves pink!!

 @KimKardashian must have read my mind when talking about Pink!! Doesn't she look fab in a #Dior dress that she tailored into a two piece outfit with #ManoloHeels and her favorite jewels by #LorraineSchwartz #Werk #Werk #Werk Pink is my favorite color!!!

Pink Pink Pink!!!

    If you wear acrylic tips like myself (because my nails never grow) it's imperative that you give your nail beds a break!! So I am rocking CNDC Shellac Power Polish, Cake Pop (is the color). I pair this up with O.P.I Mod About You on my feet!! It matches up perfectly!!! I am happily rocking my natural nails and I'm digging it! I don't have to worry about any painful breaks!!! I can just get a manicure and roll!!Let me see how long this last!! :)

Don't you throw that away!!!

     Using things more than once  is my cup of tea!! I hate throwing things away that I really love!! This Blooming Bath Flower is comfortable and great to wash your infants in!! I recommend to use this the proper way from 1-12 months of age depending on the weight and stability of your child.

   My baby is intrigued with my shower!! He loves to look at the glass fogging up and splashing around!! He actually likes the shower more than the bath tub! Since my shower is big enough for two or more, my son has space to splash around (if your shower is smaller it still works too). Therefore, I bring my blooming bath into the shower, let the water run (safe temperature only) and slightly turn the shower head to protect your baby from the pressure!! Then we rub rub a dub dub!! I was so happy to reuse my blooming bath in a whole new way!! Can we say that this product grows with your child too??? Hope you purchase this!! It's awesome!!!

Note: We will be retailers of the blooming baths March 8 for our grand opening!!

Someone doesn't feel we'll!!!

My baby hasn't been feeling well and today he recueved his shots!!!💉💉💉😩😩😩 Sorry for the delay, but I'm a mommy 1st!! He's rested, so now back to our program!!!                                         Before our doctors visits, I always give my babies a little Tylenol if we're not going for a check up.  Giving a little ibuprofen or Tylenol helps minimize the fever (or sometimes they don't get a fever at all) so that they won't be so irritable!!!  Note: I am not a doctor!!! This is just what I do!! Please contact your doctor before administering anything (I contacted mine, however, it's different strokes for different folks. What works for my kids may not work for yours)

Monday, January 20, 2014

Dr.Martin Luther King!

Because of you so many of our possibilities exist. Thank you for your devoted determination for equality for all people. Even though your not physically present, your spirit lives on through all of us. Thank You! #Respect #Tribute

Sunday, January 19, 2014

Gaga & Donatella!!!

🙌🙌🙌 @ladygaga looks sexy sexy sexy with #DonatellaVersace by her side!!! Ooooo Weeee ladies!!!! You are looking fabulously FIERCE!!! @versace_official #Versace #Versace #Versace #Versace #Versace #Versace #fashion #Gaga #Donatella #FierceMoment #Sexy #MrsPennFavPics&Picks #everythingmrspennloves 

Matthew & Camilia

Look at here, Look at here!!! @iamcamilaalves SLAYED the red carpet in this @donnakarandkny Atelier gown during the SAG awards last night!! She is so flawless in everything that she wears!!! Not to mention she has a nice piece of arm candy tee hee!! Matthew McConaughey looked handsomely suited in Dolce & Gabbana!! I love his blazer and bow tie!! #husband&wife #lookinggoodtogether #stylish #handsome #sexy #fashion #fashion  #Matthew&Camilia #MrsPennFavPics&Picks #EverythingMrsPennLoves


Lastly, Jennifer Lawrence gracefully stunned everyone in this sequenced gown by Christian Dior!!! I love the hair and the gown!! Often times, young actresses wear gowns that make them appear to be older then they are. I love that this gown still makes her look fun and youthful!!  I see you boo!! #JLawrence #Dior #AmericanHustle #HungerGames #SilverLiningsPlaybook #Youthful #Fashion #Fashion #Hair&Dress #Love #MrsPennFavPics&Picks #EverythingMrsPennLoves


I usually don't post on the weekends because I leave this time for my family. HOWEVER, I could NOT pass up the opportunity to share these fashionista styles from the SAG Awards!!! @lupitanyongo is rocking a Gorgeous gown from @gucci and the glowingly pregnant @KerryWashington in a custom number from @prada!!! These are my absolute favs from the night!!! Keep on killing the fashion game ladies!! #MrsPennFavPics&Picks #Fashion #NaturalBeauty #Prada #Gucci #Lupita #Kerry #EverythingMrsPennLoves

Friday, January 17, 2014

Happy Birthday First Lady!!

Happy Birthday First Lady!!! Your such an inspiration to many!! I hope you do absolutely nothing today but to relax and enjoy your family!! #MObama #2014 #MrsPennFavoritePics&Picks #Fashion #EverythingMrsPennLoves

Flash Back Friday!!!

#FBF my mommy as fly as she want to be!! ❤️#Virginia #Hotness #Igetitfrommymomma #MommysGirl

Isn't she adorable???

Look who has a smile on her face this morning????? Isn't she adorable!!! She looks like Kanye with a splash of Kim!! I would be kissing those cheeks all day long!!! Can't wait to shower your mom with gifts from our store!!Photo Cred: from @khloekardashian  #MrsPennLoveTheKids #BeautifulNorthWest #Eyes #Cheeks #Adorable #ImHerAuntieInMyHead #EMPLStoreMarch2014 #Encino @kimkardashian @khloekardashian 

Thursday, January 16, 2014

Happy Birthday Baby Girl.....

Happy Birthday Baby Girl!!!   Can't believe it's been 13 years since she's been gone! Before I fell in love with Beyoncé, Aaliyah had my heart. I would tape and hang her pictures on my bedroom walls and always try to buy the darkest pair of shades (my locs) to be like her. She captivated every genera of music, and through her vocals you were able to move and jam. When I played her music through my sony portable cd player (back in the day ish) I was happy to carry her around every where I went. I still remember after her death, I received her AALIYAH album for Christmas, and I cried like a baby. Baby Girl you were one a million, and there will never be another like you xoxo....Mrs.Penn 

My Favorite song was "I'm down" off the Age Ain't Nothing But A Number album and "Never Giving Up" which was a bonus track off the actual cd..#realfansknowwassup

Note**Gotta find my childhood room photos to show my Aaliyah posters on my wall!! I'm on a mission!!   #Aaliyah #RIP #BabyGirl #Nevergivinup #ImDown #Everyonesbitingherstyle #shediditfirst #dancer #singer #naturalbeauty #mrspennfavoritepics&picks #BabyGirl #everythingmrspennloves 

Don't Sleep on It!!

This up and coming line glam_manor gives you all the glam you need for a day out with the girls or a night out with your man!! Specializing in custom leather shorts, they can customize any length and leather color for you!! Living in both Cali & FL shorts are always a must!!! It's never to cold for glam_manor!!Check out their variety of shorts and other items at You can also preview some of their looks via Instagram at Glam_manor.

I would pair my shorts with a flowy shirt, and strappy sandal!!  #Werk #Fashion #MrsPennPics&Picks #Glammanor #Levi #Leather #Spikes #Color #Distressed #EverythingMrsPennLoves

Spied Fashions!!

  I spy these customs shirts at!!! I am putting in my order in now!!! These shirts amazing!! I'm so happy to see people catering to women fashion world in sports!! Not all of us want to wear jerseys or logo shirts all the time!! You can dress your custom t-shirt up or down!! I would pair mine with a high-waisted skinny jean or a pencil skirt!! #Werk Now we can be fashionable while enjoying our favorite games!! I came across her on Instagram!! Check her out!!
#MrsPennFavoritePics&Picks #Fashion #football #Basketball #miglambition #Chooseyourperson #chooseyourteam #AndBeFly #EverythingMrsPennLoves

Yes Kim K!!!

    Before I had posted for my product Thursday, I came across KimK pic of her getting ready for The Ellen Show. Needless to say, she looks damn good!! She executes fashion every time she steps out!!! I'm sooo feeling her outfit!! #KimKardashian #MrsPennFavPics&Picks #Fashion #SexAppeal #Werk #EverythingMrsPennLoves

Red Lights Ahead....Where??

Every now and then it's time to let your nails bleed red!! This color " Red Lights Ahead...Where?" by O.P.I is my go to!! I usually like a red polish with a hint of orange so it doesn't make my hands look old. But this red, this red right here, works!!! I seen myself in pictures with this color on and I always question "What color is that?" But of course it's my fav!! Lol!!!! I purchased this polish from one my favorite nail shops in Tampa,Fl when I'm there visiting!! However, you should be able to find it anywhere. It's such a classic color!! I Love it!!

Purchased From: Vo Nails
Price: Between $5-7

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

King James!!!

     I was almost in tears reading the open letter that "King James" wrote for his mother. Now don't get me wrong, I am not saying this because he's "LeBron James". Shooot, I had the same feeling when Derrick Rose spoke about his mother a little while ago. Having two boys of my own, I hope to be everything in them that these men speak of about their mothers. Whether your a single mother or not, the nurturing feeling needs to always be in-house for your child/children. It is important that they always feel how much you love them no matter what's going on around them. No matter what happens in my life, I find no greater joy than being a mom to two beautiful boys that keep me laughing and smiling everyday. They fuel my energy to be a better person. Not to mention, i'm slightly obsessed with them, just kidding (no i'm not)!!

  See below the open letter to Gloria James from her son LeBron. You can also read the article on

I am honored to participate in a project that is trying to help single mothers who are struggling to make a living and raise their kids, because that perfectly describes my mother when I was growing up. You think LeBron James is a champion? Gloria James is a champion too. She’s my champion.
My mother really struggled. She had me, her only child, when she was just 16 years old. She was on her own, so we lived in her mom’s great big house in Akron, Ohio. But on Christmas Day when I was 3 years old, my grandmother suddenly died of a heart attack, and everything changed. With my mom being so young and lacking any support and the skills and education necessary to get ahead, it was really hard for us.
We lost the house. We moved around from place to place—a dozen times in three years. It was scary. It was catch as catch can, scraping to get by. My mom worked anywhere and everywhere, trying to make ends meet. But through all of that, I knew one thing for sure: I had my mother to blanket me and to give me security. She was my mother, my father, my everything. She put me first. I knew that no matter what happened, nothing and nobody was more important to her than I was. I went without a lot of things, but never for one second did I feel unimportant or unloved.
Finally, when I was 9 years old, my mother made a supreme sacrifice. She decided that while she was figuring out how to get on her feet, I needed some stability in my life. I needed to stay in one place and experience the support and security that she had felt growing up in a big family. So she sent me to live with my pee-wee football team coach, “Big Frankie” Walker, and his family. She later said to me, “It was hard, but I knew it was not about me. It was about you. I had to put you first.”
I stayed with the Walkers for a year, and what a gift that was! I was in the same school all year, slept in the same bed all year, played on the same football team all year, and Big Frankie put me on my first basketball team. I saw my mom every weekend.
When my mother was able to rent a two-bedroom apartment with the help of a government-assistance program, I moved back in with her. We stayed together until I finished high school. The rest is history.
People always say I am devoted to my mother. That’s true, but only because for every minute of my life, she has been devoted to me. My mother taught me what devotion truly means. I have tried to pass along her example by helping kids who are growing up in single-parent homes through the LeBron James Family Foundation and the Boys & Girls Clubs of America.
After the Heat won the 2012 NBA Championship, the team was invited to the White House. Speaking about me, Dwyane Wade, and Chris Bosh, President Barack Obama said, “For all the young men out there who are looking up to them all the time, for them to see somebody who cares about their kids and is there for them day in and day out, that’s a good message to send. It’s a positive message to send, and we’re very proud of them for that. ”
The truth is that everything I’ve learned about being a parent to my boys—9-year-old LeBron Jr. and 6-year-old Bryce—I learned from my mother. Everything I know about being loving and caring, and sacrificing and showing up and being present in my children’s lives—I learned all of that from her example.
Gloria James was a working single mother who struggled and got the job done.
And for that, I say, “I love you, Mom. Thank you.”

Toddler/Baby News!!!!

    Don't you love seeing a glowy pregnant woman??? We'll I certainly do, and that's exactly how R&B/Pop singer Ciara looks!! Her body party looks all types of beautiful and I want to send a special Congrats to her on her biggest accomplishment of all....becoming a mother!! Shout out to her and Future!!! Mrs.Penn enjoys seeing people happy!!!

Toddler/Baby Tuesday!!!

     Good Afternoon Everyone!! Today's item is a must have for every parent, especially the toddlers. This disposable adhesive place setting helps to protect your child/children from germ infested areas that can be easily accessed in public areas. Anytime we are at a restaurant, or a public place that requires my son to nibble on a table etc, I whip one right out!! It doesn't take up ANY room in your purse or diaper bag!!! So please parents say yes to this!!! Let's keep our babies safe from germs and healthy!!

You can purchase this item from a variety of vendors such a walmart, amazon, and target for an average price of $8.49-15.99 depending on the quantity you want!! They also come in a variety of characters!!!

Monday, January 13, 2014

Illustrated People!!

Came across these tops from @illustratedpeople for Summer 2014!!! I love the one with color!! #MrsPennFavPics&Picks #EverythingMrsPennLoves #CropTopwithHighWaist #Fashion @illustratedpeople 

Make up Monday!!

   Today's post will be about something new that I love!!! While I was on vacation I decided to try three new items by Simple Care!! The Exfoilating Facial Wipes, The Replenishing Rich Moisturizer, and the Eye Make-Up Remover Pads!! So over a period of five days, I've used these items and here's my review!!

The Exfoilating Facial Wipes- I actually like the concept of this! I like to be able to use a product on the go without a mess!! Usually when I travel no matter how safe I secure my items, something gets smudged around!! This product in particular need a little extra moisture to the wipes and it would have been perfect. I'm all about feeling the product and no matter what I did, it just felt like there was no solution on the cloths. Meaning I felt no lather or anything even when I added water, however, I'm going to charge that to the game because their other products that I tried were amazing!! 

 The Replenshing Rich Moisturizer is amazing!!! I love it!!! I was in Cabo laying out on the beach for a nice golden tan. When I got back to my room, my nose was a little red and irritated. I washed my face and applied the R&R moisturizer to and it gave me such a calm and soothing feel to my sensitive areas. I like this moisturizer because it isn't heavy, it's nice and light, and it hydrates your skin with added vitamims!! This moisturizer gets 5 stars from me!!!

The Eye Make-Up Remover Pads has to be my favorite item from the simple care brand. These pads are the perfect fit for your eye sockets (see bottom right) opposed to other remover products the wipes are excessively larger then they need to be. These simple EMR wipes have the perfect balance of size and moisture!!! Not to mention I don't have to use 3 pads for one eye!! Another 5 stars from Mrs.Penn!! 

I bought my products from my favorite store..... Wait for it..........TARGET!!! For an average price of 

Exfoliating Wipes- $4.99
R&R Moisturizer-$9.99
EMR Pads- $5.29

Go and add a little simplicity to your life with the Simple Care!! Xoxo 

Note: Different products work for different people. This is a review of the things that I like and what worked for me!


I get smitten by this woman every time!!! She is soooo talented and awesomely amazing!! Her beauty just captivates you!! @jurneebell wore #aliceandolivia #fashion #style #WCM #beautyandbrains #GoldenGlobes2014 #MrsPennFavoritePicks&Pics #EverythingMrsPennLoves

Sunday, January 12, 2014

Fashion Fashion Fashion

Ooooo weeee!! Now this is MAJOR WERK!! The beautiful #KateMara in #JMendel😍😍, the stunning#OliviaWild in #Gucci (she has taken being pregnancy fashion to the next level), and my FAVORITE LOOK OF THE NIGHT is................#AMBERHEARD IN #VERSACE #ItsLevels #Fashion #MrsPennFavoritePicks #GoldenGlobes2014 #SLAYED

Doesn't she look great???

Kerry Kerry Kerry!!! She needs a whole post to herself!!! This beautiful and glowing Mommy to be stepped out in a custom piece from #balenciaga!! She worked the red carpet with her effortless beauty and timeless style!!! #SheWon #MyGladiator #KerryWashington @balenciaga @kerrywashington Doesn't she look fab??? #GoldenGlobes2014

Golden Globes 2014!!

Just fresh off vacation, touched down to all of the beauty at the Golden Globes! Here's some of my fav pics!! #KateBeckinsale in #ZuhairMurad, the beautiful wife of Matthew Mcconaughey #camilaalves in #dolceandgabanna, and the talented and beautiful #AngelaBasset in #inesdisanto looks ageless!!! #goldenglobes2014 #MrsPennFavoritePics #Awards #EverythingMrsPennLoves #Style #Fashion

Thursday, January 9, 2014

Vacation Thoughts

Life is too short to be anything but happy!!! I don't live for the clubs, I live for the vacations,good eats, and awesome memories. #grownupshyt #turnuponpassportstamps #howyougonebemadonvacation

Tuesday, January 7, 2014


Running in these streets b4 my vacay tomorrow!!! I worked my booty off in 2013 so that 2014 could be good to me :)!! #makeupfreedontjudgeme #lilsmirkdonthurt #coupe 

Monday, January 6, 2014

Make up Mondays!!!

 Even though Monday is almost over on my time zone (PST) I'm finally able to relax from my meetings and give you guys the beauty tip that you've been waiting for!!!

   So, I absolutely love to be a golden girl!! Gold pallets are my "Go To"!! My all time favorite look is..

"All That Glitters" by M.A.C I use that for my lid, and for my crease I use 
"Mulch"- which is not pictured but it's my all time fav!!

If you need a quick dinner look, or a quick party look this is the one. You can exaggerate the eye by applying more "All That Glitters" on the lid. I recommend this combination on skin tones that are around my complexion and darker. This will flush out your complexion if you are extremely light :). You can try all colors listed with a "Mulch" or "corduroy" crease depending on your tone.

I hope you like it!!! These eye shadows can be purchased from all M.A.C locations for an average price of $15.00 per shadow!

From left to right my fav golds are...

1. Honey Lust
2.All That Glitters
3. Amber Lights
4. WoodWinked

Are you ready????

The wait is almost over!!! Today at 12pm PST the purchase date for The Many Adventures of Donald, My Face,will be released!!! #staytuned #ready