Friday, September 27, 2013

They did that- On our Fabulous Findings Fridays!!!

    Tia & Tamera "did that" with their newest product from their company "Need"!! I ABSOLUTELY LOOOOVEEE their stretch mark cream called Stretchy!! This all natural cream helps moisturizes and treats your new or exsisting stretch marks. When I saw this product I was amazed at all it's ingredients such as Argan oil, cupuacu butter, horsetail (which rebuilds connective tissue) and my favorites cocoa butter and aloe Vera just to name a few!! It smells sooooo good and I find it rare to find a citrus smelling product like this, but it honestly works! I couldn't stop smelling my hands because it's smells sooo good and it's different!! I'm happy to see companies stepping out of the norm with scents for mothers!! I am loving this!!!

   You can purchase yours from for an average price of $17.99!! Go buy some now!! Even if you don't have stretch marks, the ingredients and smell is good enough for a everyday lotion!! 

Truly Yours,
Mrs.Penn xoxo

Wednesday, September 25, 2013


   So today my #WCW is Mrs.Khloe Kardashian Odom!! Yes she's still an Odom to me because there are no papers filed for divorce!! How stunning does Khloe look!! I love the new change in her hair and fashion!! Through all the BS she is looking more and more amazing!!! What a better way to get back at all the negative by being simply Gaaaawwwwgessssss right!!! #fingersnapyouGoGurl #LookingGood #RockingBod #FireLook #Werk #Brushthemoffyourshoulders

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Toddler/Baby Tuesday!!!

     The night is still young!! Whether your fast asleep and have to check in with me in the morning, or if your just waking up, I couldn't go another minute without posting this!! While I was in the airport a couple of days ago I saw the neatest thing that would help me keep my son coloring books, crayons, cars and iPad neatly together! The Tray Kit is the best all in one carry on back pack and kids tray system.
     The Tray Kit is super easy to clean which allows you to put snacks on/in it and serves as a tray for your child to eat on. For they maybe to little to use the ones behind the seats during a airplane ride! It also has raised sides to give your child the leverage that he or she needs while eating, playing or writing. I would definitely use this for road trips, family outings and beach fun! This is a GREAT buy for your little busy bodies!!! Less stress and less mess!! Purchase now!

    I bought mine for $41.99 at a airport store!! I also found the SAME product online for $23.99 at There are also other sites that sell the same thing for the $23.99 price! This also comes in pink and purple for the girls!!

Monday, September 23, 2013

Make-Up Mondays!!

     Hello loves!!! I've been away for too long, so it's time to get back in action with our "Makeup Mondays"!!! Today I am sharing with you my all time FAVORITE BRONZER!!! Since I naturally have rosy red cheeks, blush for me is no no!! Not to mention, when I'm wearing make up or if I simply just want a fresh face, I always have to find something that tones down the redness while giving me that glowy effect. Gold Deposit mineralize skin finish by M.A.C does it for me!! I like to pair this with two brushes the 138 Tapered Face Brush or 129 powder/blush brush both by M.A.C. The 129 brush gives me a more defining look, while the 138 brush gives me a more natural sheer look that works perfect for a everyday fresh face! The picture below shoes the 129 on the right and the 138 on the left

   The Gold Deposit mineralize skin finish comes many different colors/tints so go check it out! The average prices are:

138 Brush: $53.00
129 Brush: $35.00
Gold deposit: $ 30.00
My definition of a fresh face is bronzer, mascara, eyeliner (for night) and a nude lip!

**Note that I AM NOT a makeup artist. This is just MY opinion of what product works best for me**

Monday, September 16, 2013

Make-up Mondays!!!

Here's my secret!!!!

     When it comes to mascara, Diorshow "Blackout" is my favorite!!! I also use the Diorshow "New Look" as well! 

    Most women think that it's all about the actual mascara product. They think that the liquid makes the eyelashes extend and it does to a certain extent. Although I am no make up artist, I have tried A LOT of mascaras and I have learned that it is all about the brush that helps extend your perfect lashes. For example, I don't think that the Diorshow "New Look" has the right liquid for my lashes. I use the Diorshow "New Look" to help separate and extend my lashes, while I use the Diorshow "Blackout" for the fullness and the glamour. A lot of people do the reverse, but it's truly up to you. I also love that the Dior mascaras does NOT irritate my eyes, and that Dior also carries a Lash Plumping Serum that plumps and lengthens your lashes for the women that need the extra extense!! You can purchase this from many Dior locations/retailers for prices between $25.00-28.50. Nordstrom, Macy's and Sephora carry this line!

Ps. The waterproof version is AMAZING!! It literally lasts forever, but it can get a little sticky so please remove with caution to prevent pulling out your lashes. With anything that is waterproof, it is built to last, so be careful!!

Friday, September 13, 2013

Fabulous Findings Fridays!!

Isn't this cool?

   No more spills, no more wasting money on buying new devices because of a spill or because you accidentally broke it! Model 117 from helps you keep your devices safe and prevent breakage from your electronics. Whether your in the kitchen, in a lab, or just simply in the garage this cabinet mount helps reduce the clutter around you and saves space!

   My husband hates to put together things, therefore I am always left doing it. I am not going to lie, I was skeptical about this because I thought this product was going to have a lot of pieces that I couldn't figure out. However, it was the complete OPPOSITE!! This already came put together so it was easy to follow the directions on mounting it. The best part is it doesn't mess up your cabinets or furniture!! It has a 180 degree swivel, and you can adjust the height to your electronic device!! This soft press mount allows your furniture to be as it was before mounting!! I was truly amazed by this product, and if you have children,this is a great buy for you!! So purchase yours today and save more with Model 117!! If you don't believe me just go to and see it yourselves!! Hope you all enjoy!!

***Note this is not a paid advertisement, I truly believe this product is a great buy***
Average price is $49.00

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

We Will Always Remember....

   We will never forget....

Toddler/Baby Tuesdays!!

   Today I will discuss strollers!! I get asked what are my favorite strollers all the time, and I have to admit I have tried many, but 3 have truly caught my eye. Out of my top three, my favorite has to be the Citi Glides Mini stroller. These two are my favorites because they are both baby and mommy friendly. It is super easy to maneuver between aisles, and light enough to jog with your baby or child on a beautiful day!! I absolutely love it. This is easy to assemble and easy to fold. A quick pull from the middle and the stroller automatically folds. What better way to get through the airports faster than a easy to fold stroller!

     Now down to the bugaboos!! My favorite is the Bugaboo Bee that my friend Daine put me on. I saw how easy it was for her to fold her stroller and put it in the trunk, while I was too busy disconnecting my Bugaboo Buffalo. The Bee allows you to have the flexibility of having your child face you or the world!! While  the Buffalo only faces you. The Buffalo is beautiful on the eyes, however, it wasn't easy to put together nor, is it convenient to put 2 pieces together each time you need to put your baby in and out the stroller. We all want something mommy friendly which means quick and easy! This Does not give you that! I also do not like that you have to buy everything separate. Items such as a cup holder and tray, should be already included, so that was a huge turn off...However, they serve a great purpose for light walks in a park, they make a huge fashion statement, and you have the benefit, like the Bee, to see your child facing you!! I love that I can keep and eye on my child rather than leaning over my stroller to see what he's doing!! I hope this was informative!! And remember Mrs.Penn tried it for you!!!

You can buy these strollers from BuyBuy baby or go to the bugaboo website for selective retailers... The citi is sold at baby's r us and buy but baby. **Note the Bugaboos have changeable canopies to match your fly!!**

The average prices are 
Buffalo- $1,200.00
Citi Glide- $299.00

Sunday, September 8, 2013

Are you ready for some football???

Happy Sunday!!!

     ARE YOU READY FOR SOME FOOBALL??! Is your fantasy ready?? Are your parties cheering? Mine are!!!! Whether your cheering at the stadium, in the bed watching, game bar sipping, or house party chomping, it's time to cheer for you favorite football team!!! So load up on your favorite food and drinks and CHEER ON!!! My 8 month old has his game faces ready!!!! #GoBuccs

Friday, September 6, 2013

My heart made me do it!

     So today while I was walking to my car with my bags, a little voice said, "Mommy, Mickey Mouse!" When I turned around it was beautiful little girl with GORGEOUS blue eyes with a sad face because she wanted something from the Disney store. With her mom trying to keep her quiet, I noticed that her mother had a slight sad face as well..... My heart could not let me NOT give this little girl something that I had in one of my bags, so I gave her a brave doll! The little girl and her family was so happy and thankful...My heart filled with joy seeing the happiness that exuded from the little girl while holding her new doll. I just couldn't resist! I'm so happy she was happy!❤ You know Mrs. Penn loves the kids!!

Fantastic Findings Friday!!

 Hey loves,

     So today after a long meeting, I ran into a mall nearby for a little shopping at the Disney store for my god daughter bday party tomorrow! While I was there, I passed by an Old Navy and I just had to stop in, and let me just say, I found some fabulous findings!! I was in there because I wanted to change out of my bottoms. I just wasn't feeling the skirt I wore for my meeting, so I jumped in some good ole old navy sweats for a little shopping!!! 

   While I was in there, I stumbled across these cute NFL shirts for women, and everyone knows it's FOOTBALL SEASON!! The fabric was super soft and I couldn't believe they were super cute!! Hold on, did I say cute again lol?? They are only $22.50!! So kick off the football season supporting your favorite team in Old Navy!!  Btw what's your favorite team?? #GoBuccaneers
***Note not all stores may have your favorite  Nfl or college team, but you can go online to purchase them***

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Work it out Wednesday!!

       This week has been such a busy week for me with the holiday this past Monday. However, I cannot let my work out pass me by! I did not get a chance to go to one of my favorite classes at my favorite gym, so I had to make my home useful! Today, I decided to run 15xs on the side of my house to break a sweat, and since I have a hill on the side of my house, I got it in!!

    Making your home useful is a great way to stay active, at no extra cost to you. You can do crunches on your floor, or if you have a porch step or stairs in your home you can do step ups to help tone your legs!!! Lets keep it up, with our work it out Wednesdays! Stay fit!