Sunday, June 30, 2013

Night Time Ritual

Good Evening Love Bugs!

     Night Time Rituals are always fun with new babies! This shampoo & body wash for babies is one of the best products to use (outside of Johnson&Johnson baby bedtime moisture wash aka "the purple soap" as my four year old calls it). It really help soothe my baby and helps him stay squeaky clean. Not to mention it's acts as a shampoo and body wash (so no more of using 2-3 different soaps on your baby. 

     The soft scent stays on your baby leaving them with a constant fresh scent through the poo poo diapers lol. Tear Free + Natural + Lavender =100% yes from me!!

Saturday, June 29, 2013

Classic Touches

     As I love a bright colors, it's nothing like rocking classic pieces that can last you a lifetime! Always remember to keep classic black and nude colors fresh and up to date in your closet. You may never know the next wedding, meeting, church event or dinner party that you might have to attend!!

Sincerely Yours
Mrs. Penn

***Beyonce Report***

I love Beyonce!!!

       I had such a great time with family and friends seeing my favorite artist of all time last night!! I haven't seen my girl in four years, so I was long over due for a Beyonce night!! We performed well together. Whatever she couldn't do, I did!! We twerked for the fans and dropped it like it's hot (in my imagination, I was on stage with her). I sweated and danced so hard I at least shed 10 pounds last night!     

Now For The Real....
   Everyone keeps reporting that Beyonce is pregnant, and it could be possibly true! After performing with her (dancing from my box suite) I notice that she kept wearing full piece costumes and a long flowy dress. Although she wore the leotard, she performed her slow songs during that change. At one point on stage she even had her dancers roll out two baby carriages (was that subliminal to her fans??). Not to mention she allowed gentle fans to touch and rib her belly (as if she were pregnant) Nevertheless, pregnant or not I still ride for my girl!! She is the total package and her concert is a go see!!!

Friday, June 28, 2013

Let's Go Nude!!

Don't Pretzel My Buttons!!

          Every now and then I like to take a break from my French manicure and other colors and go Nude!! Yes Nude!! This fabulous color is by OPI and it's called Don't Pretzel My Buttons!! It's a great color when you have to attend many events or travel to many places while needing the perfect color on your lovely nail beds. Its an easy touch up if you you chip or break your nails! Less stress!! Every girl loves to go Nude, so why not bare it with this!!

Morning Must have

Morning My Loves,

      I get a lot of compliments on how clear my skin is. The answer is so simple! I use Clean & Clear face wash, and I pair it with my FAVORITE moisturizer by Mary Kay (as you can see I use it so much that the words are coming off lol). My favorite face wash keeps my skin clear and actually gets all the products off my face from the night before (No I don't wash my face two times a day, I'm human lol). However, this face wash does strip your face clean so please make sure you use moisturizer after applying!

      You also see another two products by Olay. The foaming face wash is amazing for deli-quite skin. It doesn't strip your face like the clean and clear and it leaves moisture in your skin after use (I still recommend using a moisturizer after applying to protect your skin. If you can't find any Mary Kay retailers try the Olay moisturizer! It's great, it can get too oily so only use a little. For the Clean & Clear by Johnson and Johnson and the Olay products you can find at your local Target, Walmart or local drug store!
***Remember everyone skin is different, use at your own risk***

What's your favorite morning ritual?

Thursday, June 27, 2013

Jamaican Man!!

  Hey My Lovely Followers!!

           Anyone that knows me knows that I love Mexican and Jamaican food!! Here's a pic of some curry chicken, rice and beans, cabbage mix and plantain!!! Ever since my girl Courtney put me on Hungry Joes (My LA people know) I've been in love ever since!!! No wonder I can't loose this baby weight!
No need to rate this meal it gets 10 from me!!

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Smelling Fresh Anyone??

       These are my two favorite deodorants!! I use to wear the dove deodorant  (I always keep it powder fresh) all the time, but since giving birth to my second child(who  is currently 6 months) my body has changed. My hormones are still changing and what has worked for me before, doesn't work anymore. That's why I start using Secret Clinical strength. It keeps all the sweat fresh, and is strong enough for intense workouts. I love the dove deodorant because it is soft to touch and doesn't leave the white residue under the arms like the secret clinical strength. Which one is your favorite?

Comfy Slippers

Good Morning Everyone,

             As I wake up this morning, I don't want to take these comfy slippers off!! I like to call slippers "House Shoes" lol, and these are the best house shoes ever!! They are made to be super cozy in your home, or for a quick errand! The "Ashley Slippers" have a thick sole on the bottom so Its easy for travel. They are definite must have. Now for the real, these are extremely comfortable however, when you initially put them on they may feel a bit snug. They do stretch out, so don't be alarmed by the initial snug! Lets rate!

Product: Women's "Ashely" Slipper by Ugg Australia 
Price: $100.00
Comfort: 9-only because of the initial snug
Product Raiting out of 10 stars I give it a 9!

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Sterilizing your items

Ok Penn Lovers,
  I absolutely love sterilizing my baby items such as all of the components of my baby bottles, spoons, bowls etc.. If it doesn't melt, I sterilize it!! 

       However, not all products can be boiled at a hot temperature and remain in tact. For example, on the left picture I have a blue soft spoon made by nuk, which was able to withstand the heat of boiling water. The other spoon made by munchkin wasn't. The spoon by munchkin turned from purple to white and became yellow stained. Although the spoon turned back to its original color,it was still stained. 

   As for the bottles they were able to withstand the great temperature of the boiling water. No matter how many times I have boiled my bottles they have never left that nasty double ring in the inside, nor have they turned a yellowish color. Lets rate the product!

Product Raiting out of 10
Nuk Spoon:9
Tommee Tippee:10

Blooming Bath

     Here's my first post of the day!! This is something I posted on my personal Instagram page about twelve weeks ago, and received soooo many personal text messages about. So here's the 411 about this product!!
    It's Durable, washable, easy to travel with, fits in most sinks, and most importantly it is comfortable for my new baby!!! It's a must buy!! It is much easier to wash your bundle of joy in a blooming bath than a heavy bath tub.Out of 10 stars I would give this product all 10!! You can purchase this at your nearest Buy Buy Baby or Right Start.Hope you guys love this product as much as I do!! Let me know what you think!

Product Name: Blooming Bath 
Average Price: $39.00