Thursday, July 18, 2013

California Baby!!!

   Here is another product by California Baby that I truly love!! I am starting to travel with this "Diaper Area Wash" because while my baby and I are running errands around the city, he likes to leave me a present in his diaper,yes poop!! Sometimes his diaper can get so bad that it comes up his back and I hate those!! Therefore, I have decided to take it a extra step further to insure my baby cleanliness!! As you know, dirty diapers are no fun, so keeping that area clean after a bad diaper is important! The babies with the most sensitive skin can also give it a try!! On another note,if your baby does have super sensitive skin just to be safe, dilute the product with a little water and enjoy!

I use this product by putting a little on a baby wipe, then apply.

    I love this wash!! You should try it!!
Average price: for a 6.5 ounce is about $11.49 and for the travel size which is about 2oz it's $4.99!