Monday, July 8, 2013

Are you protecting your skin??

      While your favorite person is on vacation and it's 90 plus degrees, it's best that I keep my skin hydrated and protected from the sun because getting sun burn is painful. I recommend these two products! I love the Aveeno protect + hydrate on my face and Coopertone Sport on my entire body. The reason that I use two different products is, what works on your body doesn't necessarily always works for your face and vise versa! Aveeno has proven to protect my face from the blazing sun, but sometimes it's a fail on my body,weird huh? Not to mention Aveeno comes in smaller tubing, and if I were rushing it would take forever just to rub in my sunscreen over my entire body from head to toe.

      That's where Coppertone Sport comes in! It's a great sunscreen spray that even stays on when you sweat((if applied correctly))! It's quick and easy to apply and I have personally used it in 90 degree weather! This product is great to use to keep your skin safe!! Don't believe me, try it yourself!!

Yes, both products make sunscreen for babies and children as well. I repeat the same remedy for my own kids as well! I use Aveeno for their faces and Coppertone for their bodies!! It works for us, what works for you??