Thursday, July 18, 2013

Jamba Juice!!!

   After dropping my eldest son off to school, stopping to get a Jamba Juice is a must have!! My favorite is a Strawberry Surf Rider with an energy boost, or if I think I'm starting to feel under the weather, ill ask for a immunity boost!! Strawberry Surf rider is sweet with a hint of sour and I love it!! Every time I go into my neighborhood jamba, I always feel the need to purchase one of their take home cups because I always misplace the lid or straw!! One of the perks of purchasing a jamba cup is that you can receive a small percentage off of your juice each time you bring your cup in when you purchase a new jamba!! It is also a great way to cool off this summer,while getting a boost of vitamins that we forget to take every day!!

    Not to mention my son got hooked on the pirate booties, which a healthy snack for kids!! 

   Starting July 27th, Jamba Juice is giving away free juices, with a total of four maximum per family (kids must be present)!! What's your favorite flavor??