Tuesday, July 16, 2013

ABC Play Mat!!!

     ABC is easy as 123!!! Yes it is with the ABC mat!! These mats are known nation wide so they are not new to most parents!!! For those that doesn't know, the ABC mat works for children two and up. However, some mats may vary in age. Since the age requirement of this purchase is two and up, I keep a close eye on my 6month old while he's enjoying his tummy time with his brother!!

   This mat is light weight, easy to clean, and is reversible! One side is ABC's and on the other side is shapes (different maps may very)!! My kids love this!! Thanks to one of my BFFs Chey'na who purchased this for them! They truly enjoy it!
Purchase Price:$20-25.00
This one in particular was purchased at Costco, however, you can google ABC mat and a variety of places where you can purchase this particular item is listed!
**Sorry for the blur, the lighting was off due to the plastic**