Thursday, August 29, 2013

Not Recommended!!!

   A follower in-boxed me about the Dr.Bronner's Shikaki Soap. Fawn from Elliot Bay, Washington, heres my review!!  I had no clue that Dr. Bronner Shaiki Soap had something for babies!! I have previously used their other soaps and loved the refreshing feeling.Now, according to their website they have a whole list of baby products.However, II have only tried the Hand and body soap for kids and I DO NOT recommend it!! The scent isn't appealing, it looks like brown glue, and not to mention it is NOT TEAR FREE!! Even our little independent children that try to wash their hands by themselves can accidentally get this soap in their eyes and it will hurt!! I DO NOT recommend buying ANY bathing components for your  child/ children that are not TEAR FREE! If you must purchase this, please ensure that your child/children hands/ body is completely rinsed!! I don't like giving bad reviews but I gotta keep it real! 
Yours Truly