Thursday, August 22, 2013

Product Thursday!!!!

Today is Product Thursday!!!
        I've been waiting all week to give you coverage on these products by Lush!! This store is sooo amazing!!! This place only sells vegan fresh ingredient body products that actually work!! You know a product is natural when they have expiration dates on their products!! All of their products are made with real ingredients that's why some things need to be refrigerated.

     My favorite things from there are the Ocean Body Scrub, The Body conditioner, and the charity hand and body lotion!! The amazing thing about each of these products are:

Ocean salt- average price-$35.95 is great for a glowing complexion. It eliminates dead skin leaving your skin beautiful to touch!

The Ro's body conditioner-average price is $32.95. Made with vegan products, this Argan oil based body conditioner, leaves your skin softer than it ever was. Just think of the way you condition your hair, why won't you condition your body?Make sure that you apply this at the last step of bathing! Some people don't even apply lotion because it leaves their skin nourished (I still apply lotion)! **Note, Argan oil has been used in morocco to soften the skin for hundreds of years**

The Charity pot hand and body lotion- average price is $22.95. Made with the finest products, this lotion is used to hydrate dry skin. The ingredients also help nourish old stretch marks for less appearance. The best thing about this product is not the product itself, it's that every penny that you pay for this product goes toward grassroots charities. How wonderful!

They also have amazing mask for anti-aging to trouble skin to a chocolate mask for the teenagers! I can go on and on about the products in this store, but it's just too much to type! So go check out Lush now!!! It's the only way to nourish your body!! 

Thank you to the lovely ladies in The Lush store that made my experience incredible, especially Ms.Amy!!