Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Toddler/Baby Tuesday!!!

Hey yallllll (lol)!!!!
      Today is Toddler/Baby Tuesdays!! Every Tuesday, ill give you my advise on toddler or baby products!! I have truly gone through so many products that I can write a hundred reviews on them, however, ill take it Tuesday by Tuesday:)!

      It's a product out called, eczema rescue. This homeopathic lotion is amazing for chapped & cracked skin. Although my son hasn't been diagnosed with eczema, his knees are chapped periodically, and it seems that no lotion or oil can give his knees the moisture that it needs. It just dries right out. This lotion truly does help keep my son knees moisturized.

    The next product is called The Nuroo Pocket! This baby wearing shirt and support belt helps you keep your baby close for comfort. Not to mention, it helps you become flexible around the house while keeping your baby close to your heart! My latest son was eight pounds plus at birth, and he was able to fit into this comfortably! While using this I didn't put too many clothes on him because being so close together increased our body temperature! 

    These two products are amazing, they are a great buy!

    The average price for the eczema lotion is $12.99 at the vitamin shop. However, amazon sells the exact same product $7.98. The Nuroo pocket can be purchased at baby's r us and amazonfor $59.00.