Monday, August 26, 2013

Make up Mondays!!

Sorry to keep you waiting, but here it is!!!
       Make-up Monday!!! Today I am showing a product that simply amazing for maximum coverage! The brand Make Up Forever is amazing!! It gives the maximum coverage for some of the worst blemishes and acne! Some make-up foundations are thick and pasty, however, this product gives a nice fresh face look! No pasty clown face with this product, lets keep it smooth and fresh. This is available for all skin tones, trust me I checked!!
      While I was browsing the store, I also came across another red lipstick that I adore! It's called "Rouge Artist Intense" that's pictured. Although my first choice is MAC "Ruby Woo" lined with their "Brick" lip liner! I like the way this actual lipstick is made! It's shaped to color the fullness of your lip to the crease, not to mention it keeps my lips moisturized. I hate lipsticks that dry out my lips. It's a perfect choice. This brand is also sold in sephora, but the actual store is amazing! They also specialized in body paints, check them out!!

     Thanx Jon for the amazing service!!! You were all types of amazing and see you soon!!
Average Price: Foundation is $42.00 and the lipstick average price or $20.00.