Sunday, August 11, 2013

No fancy names here!!

    When your looking for good cleansers and a face mask you don't always have to go with the fancy names. A lot of "old school" products have been out forever and they have been doing the same thing that these new products are doing! For example, like my grandmother, I love me some Mary Kay. They have been around for ages and their products still provide you with the same satisfaction as it did years ago! Using Mary Kay has helped me keep my skin nourished and flawless! By the way, my grandmother has been using this and her skin is flawless! At 78 she doesn't have one wrinkle on her skin, impressive right?

    Anytime that I'm using a product, I like to take it one step further. First I wash my face with the cleanser (by Mary Kay), then I apply the mask! While applying the cleanser I like to use my wave power cleanser by neutrogena (its more affordable than a $200 sonic brush).Now this wave comes with soap pads that you can use, and you will need them to support your cleanser by Mary Kay! Then I apply my mask and I'm cool! Again not everything with a fancy name works! Try taking it old school with some products! It's definitely worth a try!

    Average price for the cleanser and mask is $14.00. You can purchase this on or you can contact your nearest MaryKay vendor.

     The wave power cleanser by neutrogena average price is $14.99. You can find this at target or walmart! Amazon is also selling it for a dollar less!