Friday, August 9, 2013

Drop with cable drop!

Hello loves!!
     So the other day I was visiting at my friends house, and I see this cable drop!! I asked what it was, and soon after I bought a pack for myself. This is the bomb!! It helps with your cable mess and it is most effective for my cell phone and computer charger! Instead of having my cords overlapped and getting tangled on the side of my bed, this "cable drop" has helped me keep my side of the bed organized!! It has a peel to stick bottom so that it stays in place wherever it's needed. I can't wait to use this on my desk (after I get my desk top fixed!)! Let's stay cord tangled free with this!! 

     This one in particular was purchased from PeachMac! However,you can purchase this from for an average price of $9.95 or purchase this product with another brand from for average low of $.40! Go get one today!!