Saturday, August 17, 2013

Quality Time...

     When having two kids, it's important to give them each quality time. So with my oldest, I make a huge effort to spend quality time with him doing things so he never feels that I'm paying more attention to the new addition. It's equal love here!

     With that being said, last week my son wanted to make desert for himself and his daddy :)! With assistance by myself, he baked the best brownies in our "Perfect Brownie Pan"! We had a ton of fun mixing and baking together, not to mention our brownies came out in the perfect little squares. If you use the right amount of non-stick cooking spray, it is easy to clean up! We had a ball!! If you truly want the perfect brownie go purchase The Perfect Brownie Pan!

Average Price:19.99 from Target,Walmart sells it for $18.31, and Bed Bath and Beyond sales something similar called Slice Solutions for $19.99, however, if you use their infamous 20% off coupon, you will catch a stellar deal!