Friday, June 13, 2014

Bath Time!!!

My son loves these bath squirters!!

   Now he's at the stage where he doesn't like to get his hair washed (even though I wash it, picture was taken before any wash, just to be safe), and he has to have these squirters lol!! At another bath period weeks ago I allowed him to play with some of his brothers bath toys and he took to his brothers bath squirters and would not let go!! So I had to buy him his own and he loves it!' Now I can wash his hair because he's pre occupied with something that he really likes!!! NOTE***** THIS PRODUCT IS FOR AGES 3 and UP, HOWEVER, I WATCH MY BABY CLOSELY WHILE HE'S PLAYING WITH EACH FISH!! There are NO articles that my baby can choke on so I felt comfortable with him playing with these toys!! A little squirt of water never hurt anyone with parents supervision!!

I DO NOT carry these in my store but my baby loves them!!! #EverythingMrsPennLoves #BathTimeToys #BathSquirters #FunTime #KeepingHimCalm #HeLovesThem