Thursday, June 19, 2014

African Royale!!!

So I know this is old school but I can't help it!!! I've been using this forever and I absolutely love it!!! It's an all purpose oil that can be used for body, nail, bath, hair, scalp and hot oil!! I like to mix this with my favorite lotion and use it!!! I also have a tendency to use it before I lay out in the sun for a nice tan (I like to be golden)☺️!! Did I mention that this smells soooo good??? Every time I use it, without fail, people always tell me that I smell so good!!! Major plus!!! I purchased mine from the beauty supply store, and I know that it is in some Sally's beauty supply stores, however, it is not sold everywhere!! Try googling this product for purchase inquiries!!! Maybe I should carry this???? Hmmmmm it is one is my favorite things!!! #EverythingMrsPennLoves #AfricanRoyale #HotSixOil #MyFavBodyOil #KeepsMySkinLookingGood #MrsPennTips