Friday, June 6, 2014

About Last Night!!

I've been doing some heavy traveling and it's not coming to an end anytime soon. Therefore I must take care of my skin! I don't want baggy eyes so I treat them with these 24k Anti-aging hydrophilic gel eye mask!!! I've posted about this product before but just in case you missed it,...........I absolutely love my hydrophilic gel eye mask!!! As I am getting older, and I'm working harder then ever, I don't want my work to age me!!! Not to mention my kids keep me up ALL night and I definitely DO NOT want that creeping up on my eyes either!!! These eye gel mask gives your eyes a rest from strain, stress!!! This product contains almond oil, rose essence oil and lavender oil!! With this combination of oils it help to keep your eyes rested and looking more radiant, for a youthful look!!! The eye gel mask is soooo easy to apply as well!! Once you peel the plastic liner, the eye mask sticks your skin, allowing you to move freely!!! I've been using them for over a month now and I give this product an A+!!!!!! You can purchase a box of 24 at The EverythingMrsPennLoves Boutique!!!!! We're open from today from 10:30-6!!! Come purchase a box!!! We're located at 16736 Ventura Blvd, Encino, Ca 91436!!! Call us pricing & details at 819.990.0507!!! We can't wait for you to shop with us!! #EverythingMrsPennLoves #OrogoldCosmetics #GivingAwayTheSecrets #LetsShare #WeCanAllBeYouthful #Becauseitsourlifestyle