Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Raiders Nation!!

Raiders Nation Baby!!!!

    I'm sooo excited that my husband is apart of the Raiders organization to help build a championship team!! I hate when I see negative comments like "he's injury prone" etc or I see nasty messages about him that people like to @ me in..... So Let me set the record straight. Thanks to God Blessing my husband, he has  never had an injury his whole entire  career! Played 108 games starting, made 2 touch downs AND caught a fumbled ball against Philly and rushed it for 15 yards. I DO NOT see one Left Tackle in the league (during his time) doing what he's doing, nor setting the records that he's setting. I think you have to give my husband some type of respect as a Athlete. Someone that I see off the field that is truly dedicated to the love of football. So before you @ me in some negativity pull up the stats, he's doing wayyyy better then a lot of these young ones that are drafted and are hurt for a season in 2 weeks!! Now I will never talk bad about the Buccs, they gave my husband his first start and we have met some amazing people that are dear to us there!! So please don't start the drama this way!! We wish everyone well while we Ride the Raiders Wave!!!! I don't think you ever want to come for his #1 fan......That is all..... #EverythingMrsPennLoves #RaidersNation #RiseUp #ReadyForTheSeason #ReppingThatBlk&Silver #DonaldPenn #72 #ProudWife @raiders @raidersfans @raiders