Saturday, February 22, 2014

Trip Trapp

Stokke Trip Trap High Chair!!!!

     Now when I initially saw this item, I was sooo confused on how this could be the number one high hair. There wasn't a tray table attached, nor was there any wheels connected to it to bring your baby around the kitchen with you.

   Before I bring anything into my store, I have each company demonstrate their items from their company. At the end I decide if we're be a good fit because just like the companies, I have to believe in what I'm buying. I look at points from being a mother and a business owner and those components help me make my decisions.                                 Furthermore, this high chair was introduced as a "Piece of Furniture", it has the ability to grow with your child. With colors ranging from green, to orange, to powder blue, this high chair was design to grow with your child from birth. No more buying chair after chair, just build your "Trip Trapp" from the color of your chair, to the baby set (6-36 months), and by adding and switching the cushions can be a life time investment. The focus of this modern high chair was to bring our children to the table. I love the colors and message that both my boys can she this chair :) It makes sense!!! Pictures will be coming soon!! The average cost for this chair is $249.00. Accessories are sold separately. Thank You again Stokke for my high chair I cannot wait to blog about my stroller as well!! @stokkebaby @stokkebaby @stokkebaby

***NOTE: if you are the busy mom or the mom that likes to move your baby with you throughout the house then this product is NOT for you!! Look at my previous posting about the boon high chair and I will be posting about another high chair later on today!! REMEMBER I TRY OUT ALL OF MY PRODUCTS AND TEST THEM BEFORE I  USE THEM, GIVING YOU THE REAL ON EACH ITEM I POST!!! #EverythingMrsPennLoves #MrsPennFavoritePics #ModernHighChair #GrowthWithChildren #LifeTimeInvestment