Friday, February 7, 2014

This should be recalled!!

     Now I don't like to bash companies, for I think every band is unique in their own way. HOWEVER, when things are hazardous, I must say something. I'm writing this so that we can help prevent accidents with our children. 

   So yesterday I was shopping around at the mall and I noticed my baby become extremely quite. He's usually blabbing away but he fell quite. As I walked around the stroller I noticed that he had started to bite and chew the bar handle that was in front of him. Quickly I removed all the particals from his mouth and gave him something to drink. This bar is NOT SAFE, and can be posed as a CHOKING HAZARD!! Babies/Children should not be able to bite or chew threw any part of a stroller infront of them because they can choke!! My son is learning to chew and eat so he was fine, but someone else's child might not be that experienced. The bar is removable, however, I like the extra security of something being in front of him for extra protection.So PLEASE BE CAREFUL when purchasing!! Again, I am speaking out of love to PROTECT your child/children from accidents. Parents sharing information is important! Have you came in contact with something that needed a recall?? Share with me!!

Product above is the BugaBoo Cameleon. 
Average Price is between $899.00-1050 without all accessories. And for that price this should be safer!