Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Rise N Shine!!!

Rise N Shine!!!

    This Morning, I am introducing the Stokke Xplory stroller that I was gifted with by my Stokke Rep!!I love the premise of the Stokke brand and their innovative designs that allow you to bring your child up and closer to you. The height allows them to be protected from dust and many windy particles that can be damaging to their eyes. I also love the height of the stroller which allows my husband who is 6'5 is also able to connect and bond between parent and baby while getting some pushing time in :). In addition, the height allows it to function as a high chair so grabbing a quick bite is enjoyable for all. All you have to do is unsnap the safety bar and bring them right up to the table!! This is also a great feature because if you child is sleeping, you can gradually allow them to wake up and become ready for a meal in this stroller!! I like this one!!! It also comes with a travel bag for your items to match your stroller!! What a deal!!!

   Even though this stroller is compatible to children up to four years of age, I recommend changing to the Stokke Scoot or another suitable product for the growing child at 2 years.My reason? As your child becomes older and more active, the extra storage space is needed (at least for me it was). It is much easier to put the toys and beach items in a stroller that had more storage space. However, this product is a "Total Yes" for years 0-24months!!!

Note: I try all products for a weeks time before I blog about any of them!! That way you are getting a real review on the product!!! This is only my opinion!! You must also judge the products that you're buying for yourself and find something suitable to your life style and budget in addition to my reviews!!

Average cost for this product is $1099.00 and it can be purchased at Buy Buy Baby or other participating retailers :). I will also be carrying this stroller along with other Stokke products in accessories in my store which opens March 8th!! Please see my website @EverythingMrsPennLoves.com for updates and location!! #EverythingMrsPennLoves #Stokke #Baby #MommyMeetsBaby