Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Toddler/Baby Tuesdays!!

   Today I will discuss strollers!! I get asked what are my favorite strollers all the time, and I have to admit I have tried many, but 3 have truly caught my eye. Out of my top three, my favorite has to be the Citi Glides Mini stroller. These two are my favorites because they are both baby and mommy friendly. It is super easy to maneuver between aisles, and light enough to jog with your baby or child on a beautiful day!! I absolutely love it. This is easy to assemble and easy to fold. A quick pull from the middle and the stroller automatically folds. What better way to get through the airports faster than a easy to fold stroller!

     Now down to the bugaboos!! My favorite is the Bugaboo Bee that my friend Daine put me on. I saw how easy it was for her to fold her stroller and put it in the trunk, while I was too busy disconnecting my Bugaboo Buffalo. The Bee allows you to have the flexibility of having your child face you or the world!! While  the Buffalo only faces you. The Buffalo is beautiful on the eyes, however, it wasn't easy to put together nor, is it convenient to put 2 pieces together each time you need to put your baby in and out the stroller. We all want something mommy friendly which means quick and easy! This Does not give you that! I also do not like that you have to buy everything separate. Items such as a cup holder and tray, should be already included, so that was a huge turn off...However, they serve a great purpose for light walks in a park, they make a huge fashion statement, and you have the benefit, like the Bee, to see your child facing you!! I love that I can keep and eye on my child rather than leaning over my stroller to see what he's doing!! I hope this was informative!! And remember Mrs.Penn tried it for you!!!

You can buy these strollers from BuyBuy baby or go to the bugaboo website for selective retailers... The citi is sold at baby's r us and buy but baby. **Note the Bugaboos have changeable canopies to match your fly!!**

The average prices are 
Buffalo- $1,200.00
Citi Glide- $299.00