Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Toddler/Baby Tuesday!!!

     The night is still young!! Whether your fast asleep and have to check in with me in the morning, or if your just waking up, I couldn't go another minute without posting this!! While I was in the airport a couple of days ago I saw the neatest thing that would help me keep my son coloring books, crayons, cars and iPad neatly together! The Tray Kit is the best all in one carry on back pack and kids tray system.
     The Tray Kit is super easy to clean which allows you to put snacks on/in it and serves as a tray for your child to eat on. For they maybe to little to use the ones behind the seats during a airplane ride! It also has raised sides to give your child the leverage that he or she needs while eating, playing or writing. I would definitely use this for road trips, family outings and beach fun! This is a GREAT buy for your little busy bodies!!! Less stress and less mess!! Purchase now!

    I bought mine for $41.99 at a airport store!! I also found the SAME product online for $23.99 at amazon.com. There are also other sites that sell the same thing for the $23.99 price! This also comes in pink and purple for the girls!!