Monday, September 23, 2013

Make-Up Mondays!!

     Hello loves!!! I've been away for too long, so it's time to get back in action with our "Makeup Mondays"!!! Today I am sharing with you my all time FAVORITE BRONZER!!! Since I naturally have rosy red cheeks, blush for me is no no!! Not to mention, when I'm wearing make up or if I simply just want a fresh face, I always have to find something that tones down the redness while giving me that glowy effect. Gold Deposit mineralize skin finish by M.A.C does it for me!! I like to pair this with two brushes the 138 Tapered Face Brush or 129 powder/blush brush both by M.A.C. The 129 brush gives me a more defining look, while the 138 brush gives me a more natural sheer look that works perfect for a everyday fresh face! The picture below shoes the 129 on the right and the 138 on the left

   The Gold Deposit mineralize skin finish comes many different colors/tints so go check it out! The average prices are:

138 Brush: $53.00
129 Brush: $35.00
Gold deposit: $ 30.00
My definition of a fresh face is bronzer, mascara, eyeliner (for night) and a nude lip!

**Note that I AM NOT a makeup artist. This is just MY opinion of what product works best for me**