Friday, September 6, 2013

Fantastic Findings Friday!!

 Hey loves,

     So today after a long meeting, I ran into a mall nearby for a little shopping at the Disney store for my god daughter bday party tomorrow! While I was there, I passed by an Old Navy and I just had to stop in, and let me just say, I found some fabulous findings!! I was in there because I wanted to change out of my bottoms. I just wasn't feeling the skirt I wore for my meeting, so I jumped in some good ole old navy sweats for a little shopping!!! 

   While I was in there, I stumbled across these cute NFL shirts for women, and everyone knows it's FOOTBALL SEASON!! The fabric was super soft and I couldn't believe they were super cute!! Hold on, did I say cute again lol?? They are only $22.50!! So kick off the football season supporting your favorite team in Old Navy!!  Btw what's your favorite team?? #GoBuccaneers
***Note not all stores may have your favorite  Nfl or college team, but you can go online to purchase them***