Thursday, July 3, 2014

Summer is not going to leaving me out!!

Trying to get it right!!! Summer is not going to leave me out lol!!! Today I did 30mins on the treadmill, which is the best cardio, and I went home and did 15 mins of core work and another 15 mins working on my gluteus!! Even when I'm not with @jamalliggin I still try to keep up with all the things that he's taught me... Do I hate working out....YES!! Do I like the lifestyle NO but I like the results and the way I feel and The way Im starting to look!! When I had my first child I snapped right back with little to no work out at all. My stomach was flat with a lil 4pack!! After having my second baby things wasn't the same, I'm older now and my second child was 8 pounds 12 oz on my little body in which I gained way more weight!! So now I have to work out to get the results that I want. I'm saying this to say that not everyone snaps back to flat after each child, every woman's body is different!! We have to work it out and keep it up!! I have 13 more pounds to go and then I'm winning!! BTW that Left Right song by YG is my fav work out song at the moment lol!!!#EverythingMrsPennLoves #NoStomach #KeepingItTight #Summertime #BecomingMyLifestyle #FeelBetter