Wednesday, July 23, 2014


My new found fav!!!

I'm sooo in love with this Chanel mascara it's ridiculous!! Move over Dior there's a new sheriff in town!! If you've been following  me for a while then you've seen my post about my old favorite Dior mascara, in which I still love! However, the Le Volume De Chanel is now my all time favorite!! It naturally extends my lashes without it looking like my lashes are clumped together. I've received soooo many compliments on my lashes to the point that one person thought I had on false individuals!! What makes this product even better is when you take it off, it doesn't feel like you have hard liquid on your lashes. It removes so softly like a baby's bum, without harming your lashes,no lie!! I've slept in it and it was not hard to take off the next day with a make up wipe, unlike other mascaras!!! No irritation, looks like natural extended lashes, and easy to remove!!! I love it!! This item cost an estimated $30.00 and you can find it at your local Chanel counters. EverythingMrsPennLoves #ChanelMascara #NaturalFullLashes #Beauty #Addicted