Wednesday, July 16, 2014


Espys!!! Thank you to everyone that helped me today!! I truly appreciate you!!! My glam team omg, you guys did it!! I felt so classy and beautiful!!! @prettystrands & @thatsmeelah thank you so much for making me laugh while working on this head!!! My hair was laaaaaidddd & whipped!!! @glamourgirl216 you beat the heck out of my face!! Thank you Thank you Thank you for understanding my crazy house lol lol @styledbygrace girl!!!! Girl!!! You helped me pull it together!!! Your love is effortless!!! And my mom so enjoyed you. @janelle_winslow @hawk_inc Thank you guys for the connect with EAG! It's hard to find genuine people in the life we live in, and I'm so blessed to have met you guys!! Thank you for everything!! Lastly to my girl @omg_itsmogreene our Red carpet walk was an experience!! Thank you for coming just for me!! I'm so excited for our future!!! You guys I don't care what you watched on television, Drake was amazing!!! #EverythingMrsPennLoves #Espys #RedCarpet #Team #TakesAVillage #ThePenns #RaidersNation #NFL #72