Monday, January 6, 2014

Make up Mondays!!!

 Even though Monday is almost over on my time zone (PST) I'm finally able to relax from my meetings and give you guys the beauty tip that you've been waiting for!!!

   So, I absolutely love to be a golden girl!! Gold pallets are my "Go To"!! My all time favorite look is..

"All That Glitters" by M.A.C I use that for my lid, and for my crease I use 
"Mulch"- which is not pictured but it's my all time fav!!

If you need a quick dinner look, or a quick party look this is the one. You can exaggerate the eye by applying more "All That Glitters" on the lid. I recommend this combination on skin tones that are around my complexion and darker. This will flush out your complexion if you are extremely light :). You can try all colors listed with a "Mulch" or "corduroy" crease depending on your tone.

I hope you like it!!! These eye shadows can be purchased from all M.A.C locations for an average price of $15.00 per shadow!

From left to right my fav golds are...

1. Honey Lust
2.All That Glitters
3. Amber Lights
4. WoodWinked