Thursday, January 16, 2014

Happy Birthday Baby Girl.....

Happy Birthday Baby Girl!!!   Can't believe it's been 13 years since she's been gone! Before I fell in love with Beyoncé, Aaliyah had my heart. I would tape and hang her pictures on my bedroom walls and always try to buy the darkest pair of shades (my locs) to be like her. She captivated every genera of music, and through her vocals you were able to move and jam. When I played her music through my sony portable cd player (back in the day ish) I was happy to carry her around every where I went. I still remember after her death, I received her AALIYAH album for Christmas, and I cried like a baby. Baby Girl you were one a million, and there will never be another like you xoxo....Mrs.Penn 

My Favorite song was "I'm down" off the Age Ain't Nothing But A Number album and "Never Giving Up" which was a bonus track off the actual cd..#realfansknowwassup

Note**Gotta find my childhood room photos to show my Aaliyah posters on my wall!! I'm on a mission!!   #Aaliyah #RIP #BabyGirl #Nevergivinup #ImDown #Everyonesbitingherstyle #shediditfirst #dancer #singer #naturalbeauty #mrspennfavoritepics&picks #BabyGirl #everythingmrspennloves