Thursday, January 23, 2014

Don't you throw that away!!!

     Using things more than once  is my cup of tea!! I hate throwing things away that I really love!! This Blooming Bath Flower is comfortable and great to wash your infants in!! I recommend to use this the proper way from 1-12 months of age depending on the weight and stability of your child.

   My baby is intrigued with my shower!! He loves to look at the glass fogging up and splashing around!! He actually likes the shower more than the bath tub! Since my shower is big enough for two or more, my son has space to splash around (if your shower is smaller it still works too). Therefore, I bring my blooming bath into the shower, let the water run (safe temperature only) and slightly turn the shower head to protect your baby from the pressure!! Then we rub rub a dub dub!! I was so happy to reuse my blooming bath in a whole new way!! Can we say that this product grows with your child too??? Hope you purchase this!! It's awesome!!!

Note: We will be retailers of the blooming baths March 8 for our grand opening!!