Monday, January 13, 2014

Make up Monday!!

   Today's post will be about something new that I love!!! While I was on vacation I decided to try three new items by Simple Care!! The Exfoilating Facial Wipes, The Replenishing Rich Moisturizer, and the Eye Make-Up Remover Pads!! So over a period of five days, I've used these items and here's my review!!

The Exfoilating Facial Wipes- I actually like the concept of this! I like to be able to use a product on the go without a mess!! Usually when I travel no matter how safe I secure my items, something gets smudged around!! This product in particular need a little extra moisture to the wipes and it would have been perfect. I'm all about feeling the product and no matter what I did, it just felt like there was no solution on the cloths. Meaning I felt no lather or anything even when I added water, however, I'm going to charge that to the game because their other products that I tried were amazing!! 

 The Replenshing Rich Moisturizer is amazing!!! I love it!!! I was in Cabo laying out on the beach for a nice golden tan. When I got back to my room, my nose was a little red and irritated. I washed my face and applied the R&R moisturizer to and it gave me such a calm and soothing feel to my sensitive areas. I like this moisturizer because it isn't heavy, it's nice and light, and it hydrates your skin with added vitamims!! This moisturizer gets 5 stars from me!!!

The Eye Make-Up Remover Pads has to be my favorite item from the simple care brand. These pads are the perfect fit for your eye sockets (see bottom right) opposed to other remover products the wipes are excessively larger then they need to be. These simple EMR wipes have the perfect balance of size and moisture!!! Not to mention I don't have to use 3 pads for one eye!! Another 5 stars from Mrs.Penn!! 

I bought my products from my favorite store..... Wait for it..........TARGET!!! For an average price of 

Exfoliating Wipes- $4.99
R&R Moisturizer-$9.99
EMR Pads- $5.29

Go and add a little simplicity to your life with the Simple Care!! Xoxo 

Note: Different products work for different people. This is a review of the things that I like and what worked for me!