Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Work it out Wednesday!!

    Ok so I don't work out like I should! When it comes to working out I am the procrastinating queen!! I do try to make time in between time to get some type of excercise in. I'm learning that you may not always have time for the gym, but taking walks around your neighborhood or walking your dog is excercise! 

     I am also in love with the "My Fitness Pal" application on my phone. Free of charge I am able to manage my calories just by inputting my weight, age and height! This app helps you by having a variety of restaurants listed to assist with your calories accurately. Also, every time you excercise, it adds to your calorie intake total allowing you to have that late night healthy snack if needed!! 

    As you can see I didn't do enough excercise today to balance out my calorie intake because I only walked 30 mins!! But I will do better!!!  (((Small grin)))
See below the pictures on how the application works. This is before and after I added my workout!