Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Toddler/Baby Tuesday

Trying Something New!!

      Over the last three weeks, I've been using JR Watkins baby lotion, baby oil and baby balm on my kids. Let me tell you first that I truly find it different from the normal baby products, but I actually like it. It doesn't have the normal scent of a baby product like powder fresh or lavender. With the components of shea butter and sun flower oil, the baby lotion works to keep your baby skin nourshied and hydrated. It has more of a natural butter smell to it. Anyone that knows me knows that I love mixing oils with my lotions on my boys and especially for myself. This brand has a baby oil that I love! It's not overly perfumed, and you can use it on your stomach while pregnant to keep your skin soft and well moisturized! The baby balm has the ingredients of chamomile and calendula to treat skin irritations! It's truly a incredible brand! I bought mine from my favorite place of target!! You can also purchase their products on their home website.
**This product did not break my kids out and I feel like their skin is super sensitive!**

**Caution!!! You a can test these products at your own risk!! I'm simply sharing the things that I love.... Mrs.Penn xoxo***
Baby Balm: $7.49