Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Sterilizing your items

Ok Penn Lovers,
  I absolutely love sterilizing my baby items such as all of the components of my baby bottles, spoons, bowls etc.. If it doesn't melt, I sterilize it!! 

       However, not all products can be boiled at a hot temperature and remain in tact. For example, on the left picture I have a blue soft spoon made by nuk, which was able to withstand the heat of boiling water. The other spoon made by munchkin wasn't. The spoon by munchkin turned from purple to white and became yellow stained. Although the spoon turned back to its original color,it was still stained. 

   As for the bottles they were able to withstand the great temperature of the boiling water. No matter how many times I have boiled my bottles they have never left that nasty double ring in the inside, nor have they turned a yellowish color. Lets rate the product!

Product Raiting out of 10
Nuk Spoon:9
Tommee Tippee:10