Saturday, June 29, 2013

***Beyonce Report***

I love Beyonce!!!

       I had such a great time with family and friends seeing my favorite artist of all time last night!! I haven't seen my girl in four years, so I was long over due for a Beyonce night!! We performed well together. Whatever she couldn't do, I did!! We twerked for the fans and dropped it like it's hot (in my imagination, I was on stage with her). I sweated and danced so hard I at least shed 10 pounds last night!     

Now For The Real....
   Everyone keeps reporting that Beyonce is pregnant, and it could be possibly true! After performing with her (dancing from my box suite) I notice that she kept wearing full piece costumes and a long flowy dress. Although she wore the leotard, she performed her slow songs during that change. At one point on stage she even had her dancers roll out two baby carriages (was that subliminal to her fans??). Not to mention she allowed gentle fans to touch and rib her belly (as if she were pregnant) Nevertheless, pregnant or not I still ride for my girl!! She is the total package and her concert is a go see!!!