Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Comfy Slippers

Good Morning Everyone,

             As I wake up this morning, I don't want to take these comfy slippers off!! I like to call slippers "House Shoes" lol, and these are the best house shoes ever!! They are made to be super cozy in your home, or for a quick errand! The "Ashley Slippers" have a thick sole on the bottom so Its easy for travel. They are definite must have. Now for the real, these are extremely comfortable however, when you initially put them on they may feel a bit snug. They do stretch out, so don't be alarmed by the initial snug! Lets rate!

Product: Women's "Ashely" Slipper by Ugg Australia 
Price: $100.00
Comfort: 9-only because of the initial snug
Product Raiting out of 10 stars I give it a 9!