Friday, December 13, 2013

Hey Mrs.Carter!!!

Mrs.Carter has done it again!!!! After landing at my holiday destination this morning, I turned on my phone to an overload of joy. Beyonce released a album without any promo!!!She did that!! Finishing up the last shows on her tour, Beyonce now has another first that she can add under her belt!! She is the first to release a major album without any promo (she's the queen) and the first to create an entire visual album of 17 videos!!! Don't get me wrong now, many artist have visuals on their album,but none to this degree!!She grabbed yet again!!! She never fails me by constantly reinventing herself through her music!!! Always making me feel like I'm one of her dancers on stage,she captivates the essence of good music!! She is Queen for a reason!! All Hail Queen Bey!! #Salute #BeyArmy
Sorry for the late post!! I was trying to catch up on some ZzzZzzzs lol!!!