Sunday, December 8, 2013

AGRARIA For The Holidays!!

    Another gift you should consider is Agraria San Fransisco. Their fragrance line from candles, to tassels, to air fragrances have captured the true essence of aromas. I honestly saw the display while Christmas shopping yesterday at Bloomindales, and it totally caught my nose :). Although,they carry a variety of items, I only saw AirEssence. Let me just say that it was such a pretty display that it captured my eye almost immediately! I have not seen a home fragrance line that was pretty from packaging to product! This was sooo it!! With fragrances from Balsam (which I liked) to Mediterranean Jasmine these fragrant essential oils are amazing!!! Go purchase!!! This definitely one of Mrs.Penn Favs!!!

Facts From The Product: Even after all if the oil has been asorbed, the flowers will retain their scent for another month! How cool is that??? There is more information on the product at