Thursday, April 24, 2014

Take Off!!

It's Vacation Time!!!

      My boys did sooo well on their  5 plus hour flight to Hawaii!! Not to mention we sat on the runway for an hour and it was havoc getting all of our stuff!! When traveling, I always have a system! No one likes a loud and whiney baby on any flight, so I make sure both of my boys are well fed and tired before departure. I DO NOT allow them to take naps during the day so by the time we get to the airport they are tired!!I try to schedule all my flights at night because it makes things much easier. It's already their bed time so they both just knock out. I always change my youngest diaper one last time before boarding and let my oldest use the restroom before take off!! No one likes accidents while traveling. If your kids wear pull ups, just put them on a pull up while traveling to ensure no accidents while on the plane.


Sometimes before take off my oldest acts like he's not tired (he does that only 2%of the time)smh so I make sure he has his iPad and game systems to keep him company without worrying mommy every five minutes :). Both of my boys have an iPads with tons of games and their favorite tv shows are downloaded!!! I am loving the fact that certain airlines does not make you turn off your electronics anymore, just shift to airplane mode and your good to go. This makes keeping the kiddies occupied a little easier!


Ears, as you know our children ears can pop just like ours and it can be a very painful situation. What works best for me, if my oldest isn't sleep before take off or landing, I allow him to listen to music or play his games with headphones. It helps to relieve the pressure. Gum and rubbing the back of the ears work as well but nothing works better then listening to music. For my baby, I try to make sure he's sleep or that he's sucking his bottle/sippy cup before take off and landing. The sucking motion helps to relieve pain from the pressure of the plane. Breast feeding moms can just put them on the boob and they will be totally fine!                         If you don't have the means for electronics and such, bring tons of books and coloring books to keep your children entertained. Let them have a backpack to put some of their favorite items in to keep them occupied. For their ears the rubbing of the ears and chewing something chewy would have to do.


Also try to make the airport and the plane an adventure. That your super excited to get to your destination. Tell them that if they hurry up and go to sleep on the plane, that by the time that they wake up, they'll almost be there!! How cool is that?? Emphasize that they must hurry to go to sleep so that they can hurry up to get there!! Lol Hey it worked for me!! Now my oldest son is a pro!! Hope all of this information will be helpful to you and your family!! ****Please Note that I'm NOT a doctor!! I'm just sharing my experiences***** what's your travel routine when traveling with your kids??? Speak on it!!! #EverythingMrsPennLoves #FamilyVacay #HusbandBday #Hawaii #Travel #FirstClass #Ready