Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Red Cross!

A Good Item To Have!

      Are you tired of waiting to go to the doctor to see how much your baby has grown? Then this is for you!! Us parents always have our own reasons to weigh our children and this soothing baby scale is amazing!! My baby enjoys it!! No crying or wiggling(everyone's child is different)! The great thing about this item is that it has memory recall to track your baby last weight, includes an a option to detect baby blanket weight, it has soothing music, automatic shut off and has a large digital read out that can be set to pounds, ounces, and kilos!! This is the best baby scale out there and you can purchase it from yours truly @ The EverythingMrsPennLoves Boutique!! We're open from 10:30-6 Tues-Fri and on Saturdays from 11-5! Call us at 818.990.0507 for pricing and details!!! #EverythingMrsPennLoves #RedCross #SoothingBabyScale #TheBest #ShopNow