Saturday, August 2, 2014


Lol lol lol Happy Saturday!!! I'm always the one to encourage women instead of putting them down!! I'm happy for any woman that's getting it, genuinely! We live in a society that's dominated by men overall, so when I see another successful woman, I'm genuinely happy!! If we can work together cool, if we can't that's cool too. I'm not bitter over it because I'm working so hard on everything that I'm doing that I believe nothing less than I will make all of my dreams come true!!! Yes, I'm working that hard!!! Having a luxury baby boutique, being an author to a children books series (there's 10 in total), having my own foundation, still taking classes, being a mom, wife, and daughter is not an easy task to juggle. But, I do it because I believe in myself and I believe in all of you that is motivated enough to do what you want to do. I don't carry jealousy or envy in my heart. I never have. I just don't tolerate non sense. People have doubted me, they still do. People are waiting for me to fail or for my husband and I to go "flat broke" to give themselves something to talk about. I just smile cuz I'm blessed that were still doing it. We're still here. We're both living out or dreams. So yes I'm happy for anyone that can get it!! Sorry for the long message this morning lol lol #EverythingMrsPennLoves #BeYou #HappyForEveryone #GetIt #ThEresNothingSexierThanASuccessfulWoman #BeGreat