Friday, September 13, 2013

Fabulous Findings Fridays!!

Isn't this cool?

   No more spills, no more wasting money on buying new devices because of a spill or because you accidentally broke it! Model 117 from helps you keep your devices safe and prevent breakage from your electronics. Whether your in the kitchen, in a lab, or just simply in the garage this cabinet mount helps reduce the clutter around you and saves space!

   My husband hates to put together things, therefore I am always left doing it. I am not going to lie, I was skeptical about this because I thought this product was going to have a lot of pieces that I couldn't figure out. However, it was the complete OPPOSITE!! This already came put together so it was easy to follow the directions on mounting it. The best part is it doesn't mess up your cabinets or furniture!! It has a 180 degree swivel, and you can adjust the height to your electronic device!! This soft press mount allows your furniture to be as it was before mounting!! I was truly amazed by this product, and if you have children,this is a great buy for you!! So purchase yours today and save more with Model 117!! If you don't believe me just go to and see it yourselves!! Hope you all enjoy!!

***Note this is not a paid advertisement, I truly believe this product is a great buy***
Average price is $49.00

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